Best 3 Portable Crate For Dogs | Overview

Having a portable crate for dogs at home means your dog is 100% safe and secure when you are busy in office or domestic work. Plus if you are a travel loving person and want to keep your dog with you on every journey then a crate is the only thing you need.

In this review we are presenting 3 best travel dog crate which have amazing and useful features that you surely love. So stick with us till the end of the review.

In a hurry? Do have a quick look at our Top Pick

MidWest ICrate Double Door Folding Dog Crate
MidWest ICrate Double Door Folding Dog Crate
  • Avaliable In Different Sizes
  • Fully Equipped
  • Double Door
  • Portable And foldable
Carlson Single Door Metal Dog Crate
Carlson Single Door Metal Dog Crate
  • Secure And Foldable
  • Removable And Washable
  • Highly Portable
  • Extremely Durable
EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate
EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate
  • 3 Door
  • Removeable Top
  • Multiple Size And Color
  • 2 Year Warranty

A Quick Buyer’s Guide

Must pay attention to the following factors to get a safe and comfortable crate for your best friend.

Edges Free: This is one of the most important factors about which you have to be quite conscious that the crate doesn’t have any sharp, painful and harmful edges that can hurt your dog.

Tighten Door: This is the second thing which is a matter of safety. Check the door that the latches are tighten or not. The door should be tight enough that the dog can’t open it when you are not around.

Size Of The Crate: Select a crate that is suitable for your dog’s height and size. Otherwise if the crate is smaller as compared to your dog then definitely he can’t stay in it comfortably.

Or if the crate is big enough for your dog then he can easily escape or stuck his paws, legs or neck in between the crate rails ( in metal or iron crate).

3 Best Portable Crate For Dogs | Detail Overview

MidWest ICrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

MidWest ICrate Folding Metal Dog Crate


  • Material: Strong Metal
  • Item Weight: 35 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 30 inches

MidWest ICrate Folding Metal Dog Crate offers a comfortable and safe place for your dog to stay while you are working.

  • Freely move anywhere because of rolling feet
  • No sharpe and harmful edges
  • Double door access
  • Highly comfortable and spacious
  • Slide bolt latches
  • Easy to assemble
  • The dog can easily move the crate 
  • The door can be loosen

9.6out of 10

Easy to assemble9.7
Easy to fold9.6
For potty training9.5
Easy to clean9.5




The best thing about the MidWest portable crate for dogs that attracts the customers towards itself is its wide area.

The MidWest makes sure to offer your dog enough space where he or she can easily spend his or her time comfortably. 

The inner surface area is about 28 inch. In the MidWest pop up dog crate the dog can easily stretch his legs front or back legs straight out.

Not only this the dog can also stand upright and turn around without any trouble. It’s a perfect home for your dog.


The Midwest portable crate for dogs has 4 roller feet. These feet are specially inserted in the crate just to make it more portable and convenient to move anywhere you want.

Sometimes the dogs are capable enough of moving the crate. That’s why the Midwest added these roller feet so they prevent the crate from falling down in an abrupt position.

Plus these rolling feet don’t harm your floor and ruin its polish and beauty. Because of the roller feet you can easily move the crate without leaving the marks of scratches on the floor.


  • There is a durable dog try inside the crate which gives your dog a plane surface for living and resting. There is also a pan stop at the bottom of the crate so the pan stays securely fixed.
  • The MidWest dog crate has 2 doors. Each door has slide-bolt latches which firmly locks the door to keep your dog safe and secure when you are not around.
  • The corners of the crate are fixed with the patented rounded side clips which eliminates all the sharp and harmful edges from the crate.
  • MidWest crate has durable E-coat finish which protects it against the harshness of the weather and sunlight.


After reviewing the comments of the buyers of Midwest portable dog crate (large). We must say that this crate succeeds in pleasing and satisfying its consumers.
The consumers really loved it, especially its spacious area, finest durable e-coat that can't be abrupt even if the dog chewed it, and the roller feet.
Some people said that their little dog got stuck in the crate. So make sure that you are purchasing the right size of crate that is suitable for your dog according to his size.
Carlson Pet Products foldable Single Door Dog Crate

Carlson Pet Products foldable Single Door Dog Crate


  • Color: Matte Black
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 19 inches

Carlson Pet Products foldable Single Door Dog Crate is one of the best way to train your dog in a safe way.

  • High quality
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Inexpensive
  • The big dogs can bend the rails of the crate

9.4out of 10

Easy to assemble9.7
Easy to fold9.6
For traveling9.3




Not all dogs are the same in height and size. There are some dogs who are young but tall and heavy, same as some dogs are older but are less tall and weight. 

That’s why Carlson offers portable crate for dogs in 5 different sizes. That helps you in choosing the right one crate just according to your dog height and size.

The sizes provided are from small to medium, large, extra large and intermediate. Of course the price is affected because of the size of the crate.

The bigger the size, the more you have to pay. But it’s a one time thing. So select the right size that will be comfortable for your lovely friend.

100% SAFE

However the price of the Carlson portable crate for dogs is less but they don’t compromise upon the safety of your pet. 

They have made this crate 100% safe for any dog small to large. The crate doesn’t have enough space between rails. So the dogs can’t put their paws outside the crate and hurt them.

There are no sharp edges or any harmful things in the crate which is dangerous for your dog. 

It also has a secure locking system. So your dog can’t open it on his own. In short, all the features of the Carlson crate fulfill the JPMA and ASTM standards and make it one of the best dog crates.


The Carslon crate is much lighter in weight plus it has a foldable option. Means you can easily fold it without doing any struggle and store it or keep them in your car for any urgent use.

It’s a perfect option when you need to travel or some outing adventures like camping, hiking etc. Because of its amazing portability you can take the crate with you all the way without feeling a burden.


  • The crate also comes with a removable and washable pen. The pen provides a firm and strong surface to the dog for standing and sitting. 
  • There is a one door option in the crate. So your dog can easily in-and-out from the crate.
  • The crate includes multiple locks that provide an ultra- safe environment for the dog.
  • The Carlson dog crate is much easier to clean. You can easily clean its rails and bottom pan.


Well when it's about the experiences of the people who really owned it. Then the reviews are quite satisfying and compelling for the others who want to buy it.
The consumers really like the quality and durability of the Carlson dog crate. However some people found little issue with the door swung direction but they fixed it within a minute.
EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate


  • Color: Red+Beige
  • Item Weight: 15.82 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 36.6 x 26.2 x 3.9 inches

Treat your trained dogs by giving them a comfortable and peaceful place for relaxing with EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate.

  • Ranked #1 under Amazon’s “Soft Dog Crate” category
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Light-duty crate
  • Well designed and eye-catchy
  • A protective travel carrier included
  • Non trained dogs can chew the soft sides of the crate
  • Smells like Vinyl and VOCs

9.3out of 10

Easy to assemble9.8
Easy to fold9.7
Easy to clean9.5
For potty training8.9




The EliteField lightweight collapsible dog crate is made from high quality and standard material. 

The frame of the crate is made from a strong steel tube that gives it a firm and accurate shape.

While the cover of the crate is made from durable 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric which is not easy to tear or damage by the dog. 


The EliteField portable crate for dogs has 3 mesh doors on every wall. The designer added these mesh to the walls to make it more airy and spacious.

Not only this the top of the crate also has a zipping feature. So you can easily remove the top when the Sun shines so brightly and zip-up the top when it is cold.

In short, the EliteField is specially designed keeping the dog’s suffocation and comfort in mind. The mesh doors also have curtains so you can open or close the limited mesh walls according to the surrounding temperature.


EliteField values you hardly earn money that’s why they don’t compromise on the quality of their portable crate for dogs.

Not only a standard quality EliteField offers their consumers a 2 year warranty and money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the services of the crate.

Means buying the EliteField dog crate is 100% safe for your money. Because if you don’t like it (which is impossible) you will get a full refund without any question.


  • The EliteField dog crate also has 2 accessories pockets and a water bottle holder to keep all the necessary things with your dog all time.
  • This soft dog crate is large and has a foldable feature. Means you can easily fold it and it will transform into a carry bag with two shoulder straps for easy hanging. 
  • The cover and inside bed of the crate is removable and washable. So you can easily wash them and can give your dog a healthy and hygienic environment.
  • The crate is much easier to assemble. You don’t need any tool for the set-up. YOu can make it ready to stay for your dog within a few minutes.


The consumers of the EliteField dog crate seem pretty happy and satisfied with this crate. They loved its quality and durability. 
People find it quite convenient for travelling as well as their dogs feel an extreme level of comfort in it and fully enjoy their crate time.
However some people face the problem that their dogs start to chew the crate but it's not the product's fault. A soft crate is made for well trained dogs. So if the dog is not trained you have to face problems like this.

Frequently Asked Questions By Dog Parents

Q: Is it cruel to crate a dog while at work?

A: It totally depends on how much time you leave your dog in a crate. Of course work is important and you can’t leave it. 
That’s why you can use a crate to keep your dog safe and secure and also your home from the destruction of your dog.
But it’s good to leave the dog in the crate for less than 5 to 8 hours (depending on the age of your dog). But more than this will be quite unfair with the pet.

Q: Should you put a bed in a dog crate?

A: Why not, you can put a bed, blanket or any soft pad inside the crate to increase the comfort level for your dog.
Not only this you can also decorate the whole crate and give it a catchy look that makes your dog feel special. It’s all up to your creativity.

Q: What do I do when my puppy cries in his crate?

A: Mostly the young and energetic puppies cry or whine when you put them inside the crate. Don’t feel bad your dog has to be well mannered and this crate training is quite important otherwise he can ruin your home in your absence.
So when your puppy cries in the crate, never let him out elsewhere. He’ll note that whining or crying is the solution to getting out of the crate.

Q: Can you leave the dog in the crate all day?

A: Leaving the dog in a crate for a longer time is highly dangerous for the dog’s mental and physical health.
Spending a whole day in a crate can put your dog in a state of anxiety and depression and it also makes him lazy and inactive.

Bottom Line

Most dogs hate to spend time in the crate but if you select the right one for your dog surely they will love to spend some quality time in it. 
The above-mentioned 3 portable crates for dogs have excellent features and highest-selling rates. So select one of them and give you and your dog some space to discover the world.