Best Indoor Pet Playpen For Large Dogs | Detail Reviews

Indoor pet playpen for large dogs is the most safest and fair way to keep your dog engaging while you are working. Dogs are quite curious about everything and always looking for something new and exciting. 

For this purpose they ruin the whole house if you don’t pay attention to them. That’s why using a Dog pen to keep them busy and active is a great idea when you can’t give them quality time just because of workload.

Indoor pet playpen for large dogs limits your dog’s trouble making ability. So you can easily do office work from home by knowing that your dearest friend is not going to ruin the home.

We know that you don’t have much time to do a vast amount of research about playpen for your dog. That’s why we have done this for you and presented the best of best indoor pet playpen for large dogs for you.

New World Pet Products Foldable Pet Playpen
New World Pet Products Foldable Pet Playpen
  • Highly Compatible
  • No Tools Required
  • Conveninent To Store
  • Easy To Carry
  • Perfect Exercise Pen
MidWest Foldable Pet Playpen for large dogs
MidWest Foldable Pet Playpen for large dogs
  • Wide Living Area
  • Convenient Storage
  • Durable E-Coat Panels
  • Step Thru Door
  • Optional Top
Zampa Portable Foldable Pet playpen
Zampa Portable Foldable Pet playpen
  • Exercise Pen kennel
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Water-Resistant
  • Protected Seams
  • Reinforced Corners

Things You Have To Be Aware | Buyer’s Guide

Those who are newly pet parents or those who even have no idea about what they have to consider while purchasing an indoor pet playpen for large dogs

Here we are providing you a quick and short guide.

Your Dog Size: Select a playpen which is big enough where your dog can easily play and spend time without facing trouble. Keep in mind, the larger your dog is the larger playpen he requires to get some comfortable space.

Weight Of The Playpen: The weight of the playpen matters a lot. If your dog is hyperactive or great Houdini then surely you need a heavy-duty playpen. So he or she can’t push it or escape from it.

Portable And Foldable: Note that the playpen should be easy to fold and light in weight. So you can easily place it anywhere indoor or outdoor without facing any problem. 

The playpen should be portable so you can easily take it with you while travelling or champing with friends and of course with your dog.

Material OF The Playpen: You can easily find a variety of playpen which are made from various different materials just like iron, mesh or plastic. 

Choose the right material by keeping your dog’s chewing ability in mind. So he or she can’t ruin the playpen and you can use it for a longer time.

Indoor Pet Playpen For Large Dogs | Detail Overviews

New World Pet Products Foldable Pet Playpen

9.6/10 Our Score


  • Item Weight: 26.3 Pounds
  • Size: Large Dog Pen, 42-Inch
  • Product Dimensions: 62 x 42 x 62 inches

New World Pet Products Foldable Pet Playpen ensures that your dog experience the real pleasure of playpen time. It helps your dog to be active when you are not around.

  • Ideal for travelling
  • Great for indoor and outdoor space
  • Easy to set-up
  • Option to connect with other crate
  • Perfect for travelling and camping
  • Convenient to store
  • Not for small pets
  • The paws can be struck between the end panels

9.6out of 10

Easy to assemble9.8
Easy to fold9.8
For traveling9.5
For potty training9.4

Reasons To Buy

Attractive Features

Wide Living Area

The New World Pet Products knows that your large dog needs something special to stay active and healthy. That’s why they have designed a wide indoor pet playpen for large dogs

This specially designed playpen has 8 connected panels which creates such a wide space (which is 16 square feet) for your big size dog. 

That’s how the New World Pet Product provides your dearest friend an enough customized area to spend time with full privacy.

This playpen is big enough that your large dog can do various dog exercises without facing any space issue. 

Easy To Assemble

The New World Pet Products indoor pet playpen for large dogs is surprisingly much easier to assemble.

You don’t need to take help from any professional or mess with excessive accessories. You can easily assemble it in a few minutes by following the simple steps. 

Don’t even need any tool to get it ready for your large dog. All you have to do is unfold the panels and clip them along with the included clips and here it’s all ready for your dog.

Additional Features

  • It’s highly compatible with other dog’s accessories. Means you can customize it according to your dog’s needs or desire and give them a perfect environment for playing or exercising.
  • The New World  Pet Products playpen is highly portable. So you can easily fold it and store it when not in use. These features increased its life span.
  • The playpen is extremely weather-resistant because it is made of black rust-preventive e-coat.
  • It also comes with ground stakes and secure locking thumb snaps which are used to help the pen anchored to the ground.
  • This playpen is not only ideal for large dogs but it can be a perfect place for non-climbing animals such as rabbits, Ducks, cats, turtles etc. 
  • This foldable pet playpen is ideal for travelling. No matter where you and your dog are going you can take your dog’s favorite playpen together.

Users Experience

Well the users of New World Pet Products playpen seem quite happy and satisfied with this amazing playpen. 
People loved its wide area that allows their pets to play, feed and exercise without hurting themselves. They find it much safer and more secure for their dogs. 
However, one thing that disturbs the consumers is that there is no option to remove the panels. So they can't make it a little smaller for their small pets. 

MidWest Foldable Pet Playpen for large dogs

9.5/10 Our Score


  • Item weight: 31.8 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 62 x 62 x 48 inches
  • Department: Pet Supplies
  • Color: Black w/ Door

Make your dog feel special by giving them such an amazing MidWest Foldable Pet Playpen where he can spend a quality time.

  • Can be used for various pets
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Keep your pets safe and contained
  • Provides wide living area
  • Ground anchors included
  • With or without door option
  • Edges are quite sharpe that can be dangerous for pets
  • The door can be open by the pet with a slight shake

9.6out of 10

Easy to fold9.7
Easy to assemble9.7
For traveling9.4
For potty training9.4

Reasons To Buy

Attractive Features

Step Through Door

When most of the pet playpen comes without an entrance door the MidWest indoor pet playpen for large dogs has a step through door.

This step through door is made from two secure slide-bolt latches. Through this door your dog can easily get in or out from the playpen.

It’s also convenient for you when you need to feed your dog or fill his or her water bowl inside the playpen.

Black E-coat Finishing

The Midwest large dog exercise pen consists of 8 panels which are 48 inch high in length. 

The panels have durable black E-coat finish. This e-coat finish protects the playpen against the harshness of the weather and sunlight.

Because of the black E-coating the life of the playpen increases and makes it able to last with you for a longer time.

Removable Top

A removable top is another feature of MidWest homes for pets which makes it not attractive.

If your dog is extra-active or you need more protection and security related to your dog then you can use the removable top (sold separately) to seal the top of the playpen.

MidWest offers you two choices in a removable top. You can choose a mesh wire top which keeps the inside environment of the playpen airy and cool.

Or you can select the sunscreen top which can protect your dearest dog from the UV rays of the Sun.

Additional Features

  • You can easily assemble the playpen by just unfolding and clipping the panels. Not only this you can also customize it in your favorite shape (round or square).
  • The MidWest playpen can also connect with other crates easily for providing your dog some extra space to play and exercise.
  • It is quite easy to fold the playpen when not in use and you can store it in a safe place. Because of its folding feature you can take it anywhere without facing any problem.
  • There are also ground stakes included which helps to secure the playpen to the ground when using it outdoors.

Users Experience

Well this strong MidWest home for pets is quite successful in pleasing their consumers through its amazing features.
People find it a great and useful playpen for a variety of pets and extremely impressed with its durability and quality.
Although people find some little issues with this playpen, they fixed that by minor modifications and are still satisfied with MidWest indoor pet playpen for large dogs.

Zampa Portable Foldable Pet playpen

9.2/10 Our Score


  • Color: Attractive Red
  • Target Species: Cats and Dogs
  • Item Weight: 5.85 Pounds

Give your dearest dog a safe and healthy environment with Zampa Portable Foldable Pet playpen. 

  • Good quality material
  • Super spacious
  • Easy to clean
  • Plenty of rooms
  • Highly affordable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • The hyper active dogs can zip-off the top and get out from the playpen
  • Pet can rip the mesh

9.2out of 10

Easy to assemble9.7
Easy to clean9.6
Easy to fold9.0
For potty training8.9

Reasons To Buy

Attractive Features

Multiple Compartments

The best and attractive thing about Zampa indoor pet playpen for large dogs is that it has multiple compartments. 

Zampa’s designers included these compartments in the playpen keeping the needs of pets in mind. That’s why the playpen has many different sizes of compartments inside as well as outside.

Outside there is a bottle holder where you can hang a water bottle for your hyper-active dog. On the other side there are exterior pockets where you can put your dog’s personal or favorite items safely.

On And Off Top Zips

Zip-up option is the second most amazing feature of Zampa Playpen that attracts the customers towards itself. 

This feature allows you to make more safe and secure moves to keep your dog healthy and safe against the harshness of weather.

Through the zip-up option you can easily remove the top of the playpen when the weather is too hot. Or keep the top attached with the playpen when it’s cold outside.

In short, with Zampa playpen you can easily give your dog a suitable atmosphere for playing and resting.

Additional Features

  • Any part of the Zampa indoor pet playpen for large dogs doesn’t contain any harmful things or sharp corners that can hurt your dog.
  • The playpen is made of standard quality material and 100% water proof which make it highly durable and long lasting.
  • You don’t have to assemble the Zampa pet playpen. It pops up within a second without any struggle. 
  • It cinatin of 8 panels which have mesh walls. So your pet doesn’t feel congested and you can easily see them when they are inside the playpen.
  • The Zampa playpen is portable and foldable. Means you can easily fold it into a bag and take it anywhere you want.

Users Experience

So if we talk about the experience of the people who really owned Zampa indoor dog playpen with floor. The reviews of the Zampa consumers are not only well satisfying but they also recommend it.
The consumers are highly impressed and happy with the quality and wide area (spacious) of the Zampa playpen. While some people find it hard to fold.
But overall the users like its unique design that is just like a home not a cage and are willing to buy it again.

Frequently Asked Questions By Pet Lovers

Q: Is it OK to leave your dog in a playpen?

A: It’s totally safe and fair to leave your dog in a playpen even when you are not there. A playpen gives your dog a safe and secure space to play and exercise. 

You can keep your dog in a playpen for a longer time without any supervision. It helps you to do your office or domestic work by engaging your dog.

Q: Can you use a puppy playpen Instead of a crate?

A: Well the crate is not big enough in which your dog can stay for a longer time. That’s why using a playpen instead of a crate to keep your dog engaged is a good option to go.

The playpen has enough space in which your dog can easily walk and play while you are working. 

Q: When should I stop using a playpen for my puppy?

A: The excess of anything is bad. That’s why don’t leave your dog in a playpen for too long. Almost 2 to 3 hours are enough to keep your dog in a playpen alone.

Otherwise your dog becomes bored and starts whining, or he or she can be habitual for isolation or adopt some bad habits just like chasing his own tail or ripping the playpen panels etc. 

Q: What size dog playpen do I need?

A: The size of the playpen totally depends upon the size of your dog. Select wisely a playpen that is suitable for your dog according to his size.

If you buy a small playpen while your dog is large then there would be no possible space for him to play and walk or even he can escape from it easily.

For small dogs 30 to 36 inch long playpen is enough while for large dogs you have to buy a playpen which is 42 to 48 inch long.

Bottom Line

Here we are done with our job. Now it’s your turn to select the right indoor pet playpen for large dogs just according to your dog’s size and abilities.

Make sure you pay attention to each and every detail that we have provided you to get the right one piece and enjoy its amazing features and services. Thanks to us later.